Tổng hợp hơn 2.300 cụm động từ (Phrasal Verb) P1


Cụm động từ bắt đầu bằng chữ A

Abide byAccount forAche forAct on
Act outAct upAct uponAdd on
Add upAdd up toAgree withAim at
Allow forAllow ofAngle forAnswer back
Answer forArgue downArgue outAsk about
Ask afterAsk aroundAsk forAsk in
Ask outAsk overAsk roundAuction off

Cụm động từ bắt đầu bằng chữ B

Back awayBack downBack intoBack off
Back outBack out ofBack upBag out
Bail outBail out ofBail out onBail up
Ball upBalls upBang aboutBang around
Bang onBang on aboutBang outBang up
Bank onBargain downBargain forBargain on
Barge inBarge intoBash aboutBash in
Bash outBash upBawl outBe after
Be alongBe awayBe cut out forBe cut up
Be downBe down onBe down withBe fed up
Be inBe in onBe intoBe not on
Be offBe onBe on aboutBe onto
Be outBe out ofBe out toBe snowed under
Be taken abackBe taken withBe to do withBe up
Be up forBe up toBeam upBear down on
Bear onBear outBear upBear up under
Bear withBeat downBeat outBeat up
Beaver awayBeaver away atBed downBed out
Beef upBelong toBelong withBelt out
Belt upBend downBend overBend over backwards
Big upBitch upBlack outBlank out
Blare outBlast offBlaze awayBleed out
Bliss outBlock inBlock offBlock out
Block upBlow awayBlow downBlow in
Blow offBlow outBlow overBlow up
Blurt outBoard outBoard upBog down
Bog inBog intoBog off!Boil down
Boil down toBoil overBoil upBolster up
Bone upBone up onBook inBook into
Book outBook upBoot upBorder on
Boss aboutBoss aroundBotch upBottle away
Bottle outBottle upBottom outBounce into
Bounce backBounce offBow down toBow out
Bow toBowl alongBowl overBox in
Box upBrace upBranch outBreak away
Break downBreak forBreak inBreak into
Break offBreak outBreak out inBreak out of
Break throughBreak upBreed outBreeze along
Breeze inBreeze intoBreeze throughBrick in
Brick upBrighten upBring aboutBring along
Bring aroundBring backBring downBring forth
Bring forwardBring inBring offBring on
Bring outBring out inBring roundBring up
Brush offBrush upBubble overBuck up
Bucket downBuckle downBuckle underBuckle up
Budge upBuff upBuff up onBug off!
Bug outBuild aroundBuild inBuild into
Build onBuild upBulk outBulk up
Bump intoBump offBump upBundle off
Bundle outBundle upBunk offBuoy up
Burn downBurn offBurn outBurn up
Burst intoBust upButt inButt out
Butter upBuy inBuy intoBuy off
Buy outBuy upBuzz aroundBuzz off

Cụm động từ bắt đầu bằng chữ C

Call afterCall aroundCall atCall back
Call forCall forthCall inCall off
Call onCall outCall roundCall up
Calm downCancel outCap offCare for
Carried awayCarry forwardCarry offCarry on
Carry on withCarry outCarry overCarry through
Cart offCarve outCarve upCash in
Cash in onCash outCash upCast about for
Cast around forCast asideCast offCast out
Cast round forCast upCatch atCatch on
Catch outCatch upCatch up inCatch up on
Catch up withCater forCater toCave in
Chalk outChalk upChalk up toChance upon
Change overCharge upCharge withChase down
Chase offChase upChat awayChat up
Cheat onCheat out ofCheck byCheck in
Check intoCheck offCheck outCheck out of
Check overCheck up onCheer onCheer up
Chew offChew onChew outChew over
Chew upChicken outChill outChime in
Chip away atChip inChoke offChoke out
Choke upChoose upChop downChop up
Chow downChow down onChuck awayChuck in
Chuck outChuck upChurn outClag up
Clam upClamp down onClaw backClean off
Clean outClean upClear awayClear off
Clear outClear upClick throughClimb down
Cling onCling on toCling toClog up
Close downClose inClose in onClose in upon
Close offClose onClose outClose up
Cloud overClown aboutClown aroundCoast along
Cobble togetherCock upColour (Color) upCome about
Come acrossCome alongCome apartCome around
Come around toCome backCome beforeCome by
Come downCome down onCome down toCome down upon
Come down withCome forthCome forth withCome from
Come inCome in forCome intoCome into use
Come offCome off itCome onCome out
Come out inCome out ofCome out withCome over
Come roundCome throughCome through withCome to
Come upCome up againstCome up withCome upon
Conjure upConk outContract inContract out
Contract out ofCool downCool offCoop up
Cop itCop offCop outCost up
Cotton onCough upCould do withCount against
Count amongCount downCount forCount in
Count offCount onCount outCount towards
Count upCount uponCover forCover up
Cozy upCozy up toCrack down onCrack on
Crack upCrank outCrank upCrash out
Cream offCreep inCreep intoCreep out
Creep out onCreep overCreep up onCrop up
Cross offCross outCross upCruise through
Crumb downCry offCry outCut across
Cut backCut back onCut downCut down on
Cut inCut it outCut offCut out
Cut throughCut up

Cụm động từ bắt đầu bằng chữ D

Damp downDamp offDash downDash off
Dawn onDeal inDeal withDecide on
Decide uponDial inDial intoDial up
Die awayDie backDie downDie for
Die offDie outDig inDig into
Dig outDig upDine outDine out on
Dip inDip intoDip outDisagree with
Dish outDish upDive inDive into
Divide upDivvy outDivvy upDo away with
Do inDo out ofDo overDo up
Do withDo withoutDob inDole out
Doss aboutDoss aroundDoss downDouble as
Double backDouble downDouble down onDouble over
Double upDouble up asDoze offDrag on
Draw backDraw downDraw evenDraw in
Draw intoDraw onDraw outDraw up
Draw uponDream ofDream upDredge up
Dress downDress upDrift apartDrift off
Drill downDrill down throughDrill intoDrink up
Drive awayDrive backDrive-byDrive off
Drive outDrive upDrone onDrop around
Drop awayDrop backDrop behindDrop by
Drop inDrop offDrop outDrop over
Drop roundDrop someone in itDrop throughDrown in
Drown outDrum intoDrum outDrum up
Dry offDry outDry upDuck out of
Duff upDumb downDump onDust down
Dust offDwell onDwell upon

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